Entry: 142

Don’t have any ideas what to do; actually have a lot, lmao. But I was surfing and found this post and interested to try so, here we go.



Put your current desktop background as media/featured image of this post:

Done. It’s called Northern Light, but mostly we called it Aurora Borealis. One list in my bucket that I haven’t crossed. Been dreaming to see it, really a real soon, but I think I have to wait until i finish my bachelor to go there. A motivation why I set this picture as a desktop background is so I can’t forget this dream, I have to put it on higher place so God can see it and make it comes true like the other wishes.

Put your playlist on shuffle and list the songs played while answering question set:

  1. Cinta Yang Lain – Chrisye (Feat Ungu)
  2. Sing Me – DAY6
  3. Pergilah Kasih – Chrisye
  4. The Road To Walk Together – Sandeul (B1A4)
  5. Stay as You Are – Sandeul (B1A4)
  6. I Hope/Wish – DAY6
  7. Little Star – Standing Egg
  8. Still my Lady – SF9
  9. Heathens – The Twenty Pilots
  10. Breakeven – The Script (Live at the Aviva Stadium)
  11. Q&A – Seventeen (Feat. Ailee)
  12. Kimio – CN BLUE (Japanese)
  13. Polaris (Prologue) – Jung Seung Hwan
  14. One Day – The Rootless
  15. Damai bersamamu – Chrisye
  16. Home – Park Hyo Shin
  17. Talk You Down – The Script (Live at the Aviva Stadium)
  18. I Wait – DAY6
  19. For the First Time – The Script (Live at the Aviva Stadium)
  20. That Winter – Jung Seung Hwan
  21. Hunt – DAY6
  22. Hall of Fame – The Script
  23. Best I ever Had – Vertical Horizontal
  24. Versace on the Floor – Bruno Mars
  25. Don’t say Goodbye – CN BLUE
  26. Supermarket Flower – Ed Sheeran
  27. First Time – DAY6
  28. The Man Who Can’t Be Moved – The Script

If you could spend a week anywhere in the world, where would it be and why:

Oymyakon. The coldest village in the world, in Siberia. I think It would be interesting to experience and know how it feels to stay there.

Name first color you can think of that isn’t in the rainbow:


Explain your inspiration behind your URL blog:

Actually, its a title of my story. Back then, it has a deep and a lot of meaning behind that title, but I forget what It was.

If you were suddenly really hungry, what would you choose to eat:

KFC? Currently, not really currently about 8 months ago I moved to neighbour country and tried their local KFC, I also tried it in other countries but when I comeback to Indonesia, I always starve over Indonesia KFC Crispy Chicken, a thigh one. Weirdo.

If you could study anything, what would it be:

Be able to understand a lot of languages and People’s feelings.

What things annoy you more than anything else:

Stomached and Headache.

What is your least favorite color, and why:

Pink and Yellow. Not my type of colour at all.

How many posted posts in your blog right now:

29 posts.

What is your preferred writing implement:

Hi-tech 0.3 or Pilot Acroball EF

Language you are speaking:

Indonesian, English, Palembang language.

If you had to move your birthday to another date, which one would you choose and why:

If I really have to, er maybe i will choose December, 19th again. I really love that number also the month. Another reason, because I have same birth-date with Yong Joon Hyung and Brian. Lmao.

If you could choose one color to wear for a whole year, what color would you choose:

Black. So I don’t have to wash it because I’m lazy af /what is this/ but of course I will clean it if the smell starts to come out.

What was the last film you watched? Did you like it:

Now You See Me 2. F YES! They have to make another SEQUEL.

Is there a certain food you often crave for no reason:

Martabak Har Mang Din Palembang.

Which country would you least like to live in and why:

America…? Lmao. People might be offended if I say my reason so better to keep it in my mind.

If you could wake up tomorrow and be fluent in three additional languages, which would you choose:

Animal Language: So I can understand them better.

English: I’m still so so, make a lot grammatical errors so I need to fluent this language.

Suomi/Finnish: So I can do my master there. Free.

If you went to a desert island for just six months but could only take one album with you, what would you take:

The Script #3 Deluxe. Their lyrics can keep me alive.

Put these in order of your favorite movie genre to least: horror, action, thriller, adventure, superhero, romance, drama, comedy, musical and dance;

Comedy – Thriller – Horror – Adventure – Action – Musical – Romance – Drama – Superhero – Dance

If you could make just one change to this world, what would it be and why:

Racism or Speciesism. Not only with human, but also animal. Because they also deserve this world to living peacefully.

Grab the book nearest to you, what is the first sentence of the third paragraph of the 6th page:

“Tidak, tidak.” Lucas mengibaskan sebelah tangan. “Aku hanya berharap dia tidak menimbulkan masalah. Kalau tidak, dia akan mendapati dirinya terbang kembali ke Chicago lebih awal daripada yang direncanakan.”

—In the Blue Moon, Ilana Tan.

How would you murder your victim:

I’m not sure what they called it in English, Benang gelasan with poison on it? Lmao. I will invite the victim to my house or another place, then I will cut his/her neck with it. Sounds interesting.

What is a super power you wished you had:

Time-Travel. There is one moment I miss the most, a chill afternoon without a breeze. I used to go to my pop house and overstayed there before He passed away a few years ago. So, one day, we were laying in Mushola area (Near Living room) and while I was waiting Pop’s command (usually to take a hot water into his no-sweet tea) I was looking out of door and there, I felt the most comfortable afternoon in my life. Really, I want to go back.

Name your favorite;

  • place you have visited: Palembang.
  • person: Muhammad S.A.W
  • color: Indigo.
  • food: Nasi.
  • smell: My pillow.
  • movie: Now You Can See Me.
  • day of the week: Monday.
  • month: December.
  • animal: Cheetah.
  • flower: Orchid.
  • font: Centaur.
  • fruit: Lengkeng.
  • article of clothing: Coat.
  • quote: “She says think big, cause even losers get lucky sometimes.” —Broken Arrow, The Script.
  • name: Benjamin.
  • potato chip flavor: Honey butter.
  • book: Jampi-Jampi Varaiya, Ramuan Drama Cinta, Mantra Dies Irae — Clara Ng. Also, Touché & Touché: Alchemist —Windhy Puspitadewi
  • Time of day: Afternoon
  • thing to do when bored: Looking at ceiling.
  • ice cream flavor: Chocolate.
  • Word: Fear.
  • Disney princess: Mulan.
  • Dessert: French Chocolate Mousse
  • Language: German.
  • fictional character: Killua Zoldyck – Hunter x Hunter, Roronoa Zoro – One Piece
  • fictional universe: Middle-earth – J. R. R. Tolkien.
  • fictional villain: Dracule Mihawk – One Piece
  • things to put in a sandwich: Lettuce
  • country: Finland
  • sport/workout: Jogging
  • number: 2
  • pick-up line: So, you like blue? I like Red. Then I will fire you up, whereas you calm me down /tsaaah

I’m tagging as always, my favouritevcircle of friendship; Kak Yoo, Kanad, Lia and Rinchan. Thanks!


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