There won’t be an exit place if you still spread hate.

Am I wrong?

You must be that person, aren’t you? I heard it from Cobalt, someone will come and ask me to bring he/she to the ocean eddies. Eh, It’s not you? Really, I was sure though. Because nobody knows about this place or even more sees me like you do. Kinda weird. But, anyways because you’re already here, I should—at least, I think—bring you to him. Who? Wait a minute, you haven’t heard about him? Really, now tell me. Who are you, the real of you? Human, no can’t be. Ghost, no way. Angel, you don’t have their appearance. There must be a reason why they led you here and ended up seeing me.

Can you hear that? 52 Hertz. If you can hear it then; You’re that person.

Who will bring joy to the loneliest whale in the world.